B - mote, Bluetooth controller for Blackmagic camera

Follow focus with memory points
and time transition (bracketing)

Easy and fast wireless control for Blackmagic cameras with Bluetooth.
Holder set 1
Holder 1
Mounting on 15mm rod
B-mote mounted

The B - mote is a simple Bluetooth controller that provides quick access to important camera settings. Precise follow focus wheel with memory points that gives you exceptional focus point-to-point within the given time. Provides precise handling for both cameraman and camera assistant.

Clicking on the menu button goes through the setting of parameters that change values with the wheel.

A long click exits the menu.

Display1 200menu 1 Menu 2 200 

Menu 3 200 Menu 4 200

The hot shoe adapter is easily mounted on a tripod or rod system camera mount, etc.

Hot shoe not included. We recommend this version for use with B-mote:

Hot shoe

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