WL2 Controller + 1 RX (Free international shipping)

WL2 wireless LANC controler is mountable version of hardware and software upgraded WL1


Monster in controlling your cameras....

WL2 wireless LANC ctontroller is mountable version of hardware and software upgraded WL1.

 The advantages of this controller are:
-80 meter range in open space.
-Sinc record 1-5 cameras.
-Fast and easy to use.
-Precize rocker type zoom (multi speed)
-Reverse direction zoom
-Reverse direction of focus
-Focusing with zoom rocker
-focus far
-focus near
-focus auto
-focus push
-Iris open
-Iris close
-Iris push
-record star/stop for main or all channel cameras ( two or more WL2 receivers)
for more read manuals.......
-Supported camera:
Blackmagic Design all camera models ,
Sony ,
canon, and all LANC supported cameras!
Wireless remotely control the camera without cables,
the emphasis is very light and quick use in demanding situations,
which is very beneficial for all kinds of situations, such as:
gimbal mounttripod mountcranes mount, desk mount,
streaming of sports events with synchronized remote control,
manage multiple cameras form one controller, etc.
Software upgradeable
Compatible with controller WL1...
See the instructions for more information:
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