Active input Di-Box


DiBox 13

Active direct audio input.

For You, we have designed and made this device according to our own experience on the stage and performances  for 25 years ...
This dibox is of exceptional quality, designed to avoid any unwanted harmonics and unwanted distortions. Crystal,
undistorted and undeformed audio signal at high signal-to-noise ratio output, allows the use of dibox in the studio,
on performances ie anywhere and under any conditions.
We've added a low cut filter to make it easier to adapt your own instrument or simply remove unnecessary
a low frequency (hum). That option is extremely useful for loudspeaker PA sistems....

Low cut 20-250 Hz
Balanced or non-balanced input jack 6.5 mm
Balanced output - XLR
Power from the mixer - Phantom 48V
High quality - safe lock Neutrik© connector
Illuminated front panel

Top sound for your audience!

Every device is maden manually from the input to the output, with pleasure!

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